Friday, July 8, 2011

Fiendish Friday's

     This will be the first of my segments on Fiendish Friday's!  I have lots of ideas to explore, but for today I wanted to touch on the subject of FUNNY paranormal fiction!  So we'll get off with a bang!      First on my list (in no particular order) is the incomparable Nina Bangs!  She is hands down one of my favorite authors!  These covers are just a few of her books that available!  Nina writes with Hawt men, Hawt passion and an incorrigible sense of humor, humor that is somewhat raunchy! 
           Ganymede and  Sparkle Stardust are cosmic troublemakers and are these books comic relief and take a lot of pride in their roll in life.  Ganymede resides inside of a LARGE cat and Sparkle runs a candy store.  Keep your eyes on these two, because, like their name implies, trouble follows them where ever they go!
                                   Ganymede  from Nina's Facebook page, was so cute I had to share!
        Be sure to check her out, you wont be sorry, you.ll only wonder why it took you so long to find her and read her awesome Hawt books!
  1.  Eternal Prey
  2.   The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance
Eternal Craving
Eternal Pleasure
One Bite Stan   
Wicked Nights   
A Taste of Darkness                                                                                                    Paradise
 Wicked Nights        
   Night Bites
                                   Master of Ecstasy
                                   Burning Up
                                   From Boardwalk With Love
                                   Night Games
                                   The Pleasure Master
                                   Seduction by Chocolate
                                   An Original Sin
                                   Wicked Fantasy
                                   Eternal Craving
                                   Eternal Pleasure
                                   One Bite Stand
More to come later today as I worked all night ans I'm about to pass out...stay tuned to more great and FUNNY authors!

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