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Jessa Slade Interview and Giveaway!

Book 3 of the Marked Souls

The war between good and evil has raged for millennia, with the Marked Souls caught in the middle. Now two lost souls will tip the precarious balance…
Possession by a demon cost Jonah Walker his faith, his humanity, and his wife. Once a righteous missionary man, he endures immortality with nothing but a body for battle and a bent for retribution. But his last devastating fight left him wounded beyond healing and his only chance to redeem his soul lies with a fallen woman.
Thrust into a wicked underworld of shadows and sin, Nim Hamlin can’t believe her wanton ways as “the Naughty Nymphette” enthralled a demon…and a damned saint. The world she knows doesn’t deserve deliverance. But the touch of this good man’s hand holds an unholy allure–and she’s never been any good at resisting temptation.
As darkness gathers in the sweltering Chicago summer, Jonah and Nim must conquer the demons of their past to face even fiercer monsters in one last assault.  But first they must put aside their doubts and disbeliefs and let their passion for each other burn through the shadows to ignite their furious power…

    Forged Of Shadows
    Book 2 of the Marked Souls

  When Sera Littlejohn meets a violet-eyed stranger, he reveals a supernatural battle veiled in the shadows, and Sera is tempted to the edge of madness by a dangerous desire. Ferris Archer takes Sera under his wing, now that she is a talyan - possessed by a repentant demon with hellish powers. Archer's league of warriors have never fought beside a female before, and never in all his centuries has Archer found a woman who captivates him like Sera.

With the balance shifting between good and evil, passion and possession, Sera and Archer must defy the darkness and dare to embrace a love that will mark them forever.

           Seduced By Shadows
            Book 1 of the Marked Souls
The war between good and evil has raged for millennia, but now evil is winning, and The Marked Souls are caught in the middle.

Liam Niall never wanted to be a leader, but after surviving the horrors of the Irish potato famine, he found himself possessed by a demon in search of redemption. Now, he heads the Chicago talyan in their fight against evil, though he grows weary and plagued by self-doubt. Then he meets Jilly Chan. She's a mentor to local homeless youth and waging a one-woman war against the drug-dealing slime that preys upon her charges. She's already half-taken by a demon, so Liam reluctantly tries to guide her into full power. Even as the proudly independent Jilly struggles to remain true to her own soul, Liam's fiercely passionate touch soon leaves a mark of desire on her flesh as enduring as her new demon tattoo.

First of all I want to take the time to thank the League to be with us today! *SQUEE*  I am thrilled to pieces to have the League of repentant demon-possessed -- aka the talyan -- here today to do an interview!  I know that you guys are very busy hunting down TENEBRAE!  So from myself and all my readers Thank you soooo much!  Welcome guys!  I must say, if you don't mind, what a hawt, umm, handsome group of men you guys are?

* Males shuffle uneasily and Jonah might be blushing. *

Liam: “Thank you for letting us visit with you. Taking even an hour away from battling evil feels almost decadent.”
  • This question is for Liam:   What is your take, as the league’s leader, on being in charge of these guys?
* Archer and Jonah narrow their eyes slightly. “In charge?” Archer rumbles under his breath. Liam waves them down. *

Liam: “You know that phrase ‘like herding cats’? Guiding a league of demon-possessed alpha male warriors is like herding lions and tigers and leopards and a couple bad-tempered bobcats. HUNGRY bobcats. I didn’t even get a whip and chair when I inherited the position.”

Wow! Cats?  Meow!
  • This Question is for Archer:   What was your first reaction to the first female talya?
Liam: (Sotto voce) “Watch what you say, Archer. You know Sera will find this online.”
Archer: “I think it’s no surprise to say I was, uh, surprised.”
Jonah: (Aside to Liam) “I bet there was cursing.”
Archer: “We knew a repentant teshuva demon was loose in Chicago, seeking a host. But the teshuva have always chosen males. Or so we thought. I followed the unbound demon’s trail through the darkness, and I saw Sera crossing the bridge. Under the street light, her blond hair was shining as if she was still standing in the sun….”
Jonah: “I think there was cursing AND he fell in love.”
* Archer shoots hard look at Jonah. *
And love conquers all, *sigh*
  • This question is for Jonah:     Did part of you believe that losing your hand was justice for past deeds or that it was a new challenge to overcome?
Archer: (Leaning back) “Ooh, ouch. Tough question.”

Jonah: (Rotates his right arm so the wicked hook in place of his hand might just sort of look like it is flipping Archer off.) “I lost my hand in a fight against evil. There is honor, if not justice, in that.”

Liam: (Very seriously) “And you saved Jilly’s life. By doing so, you saved MY life.”

Jonah: “I thought losing my sword hand made me less of a warrior, less of a man. But if I’d been still on the same path of blindly fighting, would I have been ready when my Nim appeared? I think not.”

You are my HERO and 100 % grade "A" male, yum!
  • This question is for all three:   Do you guys feel as if the female talyan help you guys to be more centered and help your repentant demons to feel like that some divine BEING is finely taking some mercy on you guys?
* Moment of stunned silence followed by raucous laughter. *

Jonah: (Sputtering) “Mercy?!”

Archer: “If God wanted to have mercy on us, He would have sent a twelve-pack of decent microbrew, not a three-pack of untrained warrior women.”

Liam: “All of us were vulnerable to our demons because of damage done to our souls. Finding the other halves of our souls in Jilly, Sera and Nim... Well, that makes the fight worth winning.”

Yes, and humanity thanks you!
  • This question is for all three:   Is it hard to get the ichor stains left behind by the tenebrae?  Does it make you all feel dirty to clean up after them?
Archer: (Eyes misty) “I had a very good dry cleaner once. They never said a word about the stinking black stains, even sewed up the sulfur burn holes in my leather jacket. But when the battles got worse, the big tips I left couldn’t justify the remnants of violence. I couldn’t let them see, not when we’re here to save them.”

Jonah: “Wrestling with evil does worse than make your skin crawl. Your soul is soiled. But I find that long hot showers with Nim are quite reinvigorating.”

* Liam and Archer swivel, eyes agog, to stare at Jonah. *

TNI, Jonah, TMI!
  • This question is for Liam:    Do you feel as though the league is growing because the threat of the tenebrae are growing their numbers?
Liam: (Settling back) “Interesting question. The tenebrae feed off the negative emanations of the city’s residents. I like to think the league is expanding because more people -- consciously or unconsciously -- are fighting the evil too.”

Archer: “Dream on. If there are more of us, it’s because this is our last shot. It’s all or nothing. And I mean if we lose, it will literally be nothingness.” 

The stakes are high and success IS the only option... 
  • This question is for Archer:   Do you ever go out on a hunt and feel like it will be you last?  Being a warrior and fighting for a just cause that could end your existence has to take its toll on even the strongest person, how do you cope?
Archer: “For a long time -- a very long time -- I didn’t cope. I just killed. Didn’t care whether I was living or dying. Then Sera came, and she reminded me there is a difference. That’s what I fight for now.”

Behind every good man is a fantastic woman!
  • This question is for Jonah:   Being a missionary and man of God, it must be almost impossible to accept that you are housing a repentant demon!  Do you still feel like you do good things in this world to help balance all of it out?
Jonah: “Certain rude bastards --” (rolls eyes toward Archer) “-- tease me about Nim having been a stripper. But her love of dancing, her joy in her body and her art, taught me a lot about balance.”
Archer: “Probably also taught you a lot about the missionary posi -- Hey, watch that damn hook, man of God.”
Jonah: “Apparently I am still not the good man I want to be.”
 I am VERY sure that Nim would disagree!

  • This question is for all three:  Could you tell our readers what you believe your purpose for your repentant demons is?
* Males exchange glances. *

Archer: “To fight.”

Jonah: “To save.”

Liam: “To win. And I do believe the light side will win. Someday.”

Rock and Roll guys!
  • This question is for all three:    This is the fun part!  If you were stranded on a deserted island, What 3 modern conveniences would you like to have with you?  What is your favorite color?  Favorite Curse word?  Favorite food? 
Jonah: “I have a boat so we wouldn’t actually be stranded.”

Liam: “Good, because a vacation would be nice, but there ain’t no rest for the wicked. Or for the repentant.”

Archer: “No people means no evil tenebrae. I could get on board with that.”

Jonah: “You’re getting on board only if you bring the beer.”

Archer: “Fuck that.” (Ducks Jonah’s hook.) “I just meant that’s my favorite curse.”

Liam: “I think blue is my favorite color. Jilly dyes blue streaks in her hair sometimes.”

Jonah: “I never curse. Nim handles that for me.”

Archer: “Like she handles your --”

Jonah: “Fuck you.”

Liam: “Favorite food? There’s a Chinese tea that Jilly’s former landlady -- a witch -- gave me once. It was an aphrodisiac, allegedly. I liked that. Liked it a lot.”

Archer: “Jonah, I’m shocked. You said you didn’t swear.”

Jonah: “Nim is teaching me. I might have started practicing when she got me a bottle opener prosthetic for my birthday.”

Archer: “Fine, I guess I’ll bring the beer then.”

Liam: (Sighing.) “Did I mention herding cats?”

*CLAPPING*  That was an awesome interview, we will diffidently have to set down and do this again!  You are my heroes and it was a pleasure for me to have you guys here!  I can't  wait to have you sexy men back!

 Jessa Slade has graciously consistent to this awesome Giveaway!  Many goodies such as  
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