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100 Follower Giveaway!

     Well this has been an exciting month!  Adrian Phoenix was here last Sunday, and my grandson (3 month old) and my daughter came home from Phoenix!  So exciting!  I have noticed that I have 82 follows, so I had a thought!  How about another giveaway when I reach 100?  Just pass the word around and see if we can bump up to 100!!!
     And you guys should know by now that it will be something great!!  I haven't made up my mind yet, but let's just say that it will be one of two things, or maybe both?  And some other side goodies, as well!  So let's keep the excitement going...a little longer!
     Did you all enjoy the interview with Dante and Heather?  I have to tell you that I was 3/4 nervous and 1/4 scared!  I had never done an interview before, who am I kidding?  I was 100% terrified!  I wanted the interview to be fresh and ask things that hadn't been asked before, but at the same time, not leave any spoilers for those that haven't yet read the Makers Song Series!  Just a small shout out to Adrian Phoenix to Thank her once more for a terrific interview!  I had a blast, and can't wait to do it again!
     And I want to thank you dear readers for without you none of this would be possible!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interview with Dante and Heather!

First of all I would like to thank Dante and Heather for being here today and taking time from your busy schedule to discuss The Makers Song  series with us!  Merci beaucoup!

Heather: Thanks for inviting us. *slants a smile at Dante* And given how Dante feels about interviews, I didn’t even have to twist his arm. Much.

Dante: Arm twisting, no. Rib poking, yeah.

Heather: *her smile becomes even more mischievous* Seemed to get your ass moving just fine, Mr. Chronically-late-but-never-wears-a-watch-Nightkind.

Dante: *laughs* Yeah, catin, that it does. And merci for inviting us, Cindy.

This Question is for Heather: How does it feel to lose yourself in a relationship to the degree that you had to give up a part of yourself in the process?

Heather: I haven’t. I don’t believe that I’ve lost a single bit of myself in my relationship with Dante. I’d never do that. Never give up a part of myself. Not for anyone. We’re partners.

Dante: Damn straight, chère. Side by side, back to back.

Heather: *smiles* And heart to heart.

Heather: But I can see what people might think I have. My job is all but over, I’ve lost my home, my car, but those are all things. I’ve discovered things about myself, so maybe I’ve added to who I am, but I haven’t subtracted. I may not be an FBI agent anymore, but that’s not who am I. It was what I did. The Bureau played me false and did much worse to Dante and to others. I still plan to be a voice for those who can no longer speak for themselves—like my mother, a voice for justice. I might’ve changed how I’ll accomplish those goals, but not my desire for them.

2)This question is for Dante:  What was your first impression of the "The Royal Aerie" and your take on the "Celestial Seven"?  Were you blown away, as I was, at their arrogance?

Dante: My first thought, was ‘Seriously? A f*cking palace?’ All cold marble and loud-mouthed assholes. Yeah, where do I sign the lease? And the Celestial Seven. Please. *rolls eyes* How do they keep from laughing just saying the name? More loud-mouthed assholes, but I know they’re powerful, been around since the dawn of time and then some, etc. But I also know better than to turn my back or underestimate them. Nah, p’tite, I wasn’t blown away by their arrogance. They’re Fallen. Seems to go with the territory. *grins*
3)This question is for Dante:  Do you believe that your fate as the next Creawdwr will be on your own terms and how does it feel hold the fate of so many in your beautiful hands?*fans hot face*

Dante: *voice a low growl* Oh, hell yeah. It’s definitely gonna be on my own motherf*cking terms, make no mistake about that, jolie. *looks at his hands and mouths ‘beautiful?’*

Heather: *nods* Your life, your own. Finally.

Dante: *gives Heather a tilted smile* Damn straight, catin. I don’t know what it’s gonna take to get that through everyone’s thick goddamned skulls. Fallen. Nightkind. FBI and SB. Looks like I’ll hafta make things up as I go along.

Heather: Spontaneous is good, Baptiste.

Dante: As for holding the fate of so many in my hands. Shit. Never thought of it like that. I don’t want to hold anyone’s fate—not unless it’s someone deserving a little of their own medicine down their throat.

Heather: Cindy’s right. You do need to think about the future. How you plan to deal with what you are—but not until we survive our present.

Dante: *rakes a hand through his hair* True dat, catin.

4)This question is for Heather:  What were your first impressions of Sheol?  And was Gehenna's Senate a complete shocker?

Heather: It was all a little unsettling—stepping into another dimension, another world—and one I’d learned about in Sunday school. Sheol was hot and sulfurous and horrible. To see De Noir and the Morningstar’s daughter hanging from those hooks . . . Not pleasant. As for Gehenna’s senate—I’m more concerned over what they have planned for Dante—

Dante: Eh. They can blow me.

Heather: You said you weren’t going to underestimate them, remember?

Dante: *grins* Oh, I remember, cherie. And they can still blow me.

5)This question is for both Dante and Heather:  The two of you bring together the best of both worlds, and as far as I can tell, have the perfect relationship, how do you keep things fresh and comfortable at the same time?

Heather: Well, we haven’t even had a chance to catch our breath yet. We’ve been on the run and fighting for out lives pretty much since we met. But, yeah, *she looks at Dante* I think we bring out the best in each other, bring out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dante: It’d be cool if people stopped trying to kill/snatch/manipulate us, for true. Maybe all that adrenaline is the magic ingredient. *grins when Heather knuckles a fist into his biceps* I’m just looking forward to spending some quiet time together. Doesn’t need to be a lot—just forever, yeah?

Heather: *innocent expression* I don’t know, Baptiste. Without all that adrenaline . . .

Dante: *flips her off*

Heather: *laughs*

6)This Question is for both Dante and Heather:  The two of you are my favorite couple because you are friends first and then lovers, such an important quality, how do you keep the trust real?

Dante and Heather: *in unison* Never lie. *they both laugh*

7)This question is for Heather:  How does it feel to sleep with a sex symbol? And do you ever see yourself returning to the FBI?

Heather: I’ll let you know when I find one. Oh. You mean Dante. *slants another mischievous glance at Dante.*

Dante: *blows her a cheerful kiss, middle finger extended*

Heather: *grins, then blows him a kiss back—minus the extended middle finger* I don’t kiss and tell—but I’ll say this: being with Dante feels damned good. Being with a sex symbol only would probably be good, but empty. As for the FBI, unless things change drastically within the Bureau, no, I don’t see me going back.

8)This question is for Dante:  I am so happy that you have found your soul mate, *sobbing*, hate that it wasn't me....What is you fondest wish going forward?

Dante: Soul mate? *looks at Heather, expression contemplative* Soul mate. *as though tasting the words* Huh. Um . . . my fondest wish going forward? That’d be finally claiming control over our lives and getting to just live, y’know? Pure and simple.

Heather: *quietly* Amen, Baptiste.

Dante: *leans forward and gives you a kiss and a quick, warm embrace* Thanks for making what can be a painful process into something fun, jolie.

Heather: I second that. *Smiles*

Thank you so much for being here today!  I can't tell you what a thrill it has been for me!  I am looking forward to more adventures with you guys in the future!  Our dear readers will be thrilled as well and with the giveaway, it was a spectacular interview!

 Adrian is graciously Giving one lucky commenter a signed book of their choice! *squee*
and I will be kicking in a copy of Etched in Bone!  All you need to do is leave a meaningful comment and be a BACTB follower!  A tweet or two to spread the word would be awesome, too!  Be sure that you leave a email addy so I can reach the winner!

For more fun, you can read a chapter from the book that started it all. Here’s a link to a sample chapter of A Rush of Wings.

With Book Four, Etched in Bone, Dante faces his destiny and searches for a way to accept it on his own terms. To make his life, his own, at long last, and with Heather at his side. The former FBI agent is more than his partner and lover, she is also his anchor, his beacon, guiding him back from the edge of madness when his shattered past rises up and swallows him. But in Heather’s human family awaits an unexpected enemy. One who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny—as the Great Destroyer.

Here’s a link to the first two chapters of Etched in Bone.

Thanks so much for having me! It’s been a blast. You can also find me at:

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Guest Adrian Phoenix @ Bad Ass Chicks That Bite

      This coming Sunday, May 15th, 2011, we will be hosting our first EVER interview with guest Adrian Phoenix!  *so excited* Heather and Dante will be here to answer our all important questions!! *squee*
      Adrian has graciously agreed to be here to do an interview and giveaway!  She will be giving away a singed copy of ANY of her books, it will be the winner's choice!  I will also be giving away a copy of Adrian's newest book "Etched in Bone"!
      Those of us that are familiar with Adrian's work, will be over joyed to have her here for the day!  I have to admit that I am looking forward to having Dante's undivided attention, *wink* Mr.Sexy himself, all to myself, well, that is, and Heather too, I guess, sigh!  It will still be great!
     So I let's to get the contest rules and how you'll enter to win!
1)Please leave a valid email in your comments!
2)Be a BACTB Follower
3)Show some love for Ms. Phoenix, of course, and a meaningful comment!
4)Contest will be open from May 15th through May 30th, 2011 and will be open for the continental United States!                                                                                                                 A winner will be selected at random from the eligible entries!

Be sure to visit Adrian Phoenix at her web sites!!/AdrianPhoenix

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Interview With Dante and Heather!

     As I promised, I have a date for the interview with Dante and Heather of the Maker's Song Series, and our guest Adrian Phoenix, on May 15!  Come on by to ask questions or to hang out with the very popular Ms. Adrian Phoenix!  She will be giving away a SIGNED copy of any of her books to date!  I will also be giving away a copy of Adrian's  newest Maker's Song book "Etched in Bone" as well! 
     Please come on by to see what's in store for the sexy Dante and what his fondest wish might be!   I will be interviewing Dante and Heather about their future plans and their fondest wishes for their future will be, and how they deal with being in the public eye! 
     If you have questions, list them for me and I will put them into my interview!  Think carefully and wish me luck!  And I hope you will join with me in thanking the amazing Adrian Phoenix for her graciously agreeing to do this interview!  She is one generous lady! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excitement for May!!!

Hi everyone!
     Happy May!  I have some exciting news for May!  I am beside myself with anticipation, I will be having a VERY special guest blog/interview with Adrian Phoenix and GIVEAWAY!  I know!  I could just burst from the excitement!!!!  Adrian just happens to be one of this decades finest authors!  Adrian has two wonderful series, The Maker's Song Series and The Hoodoo Series, and I think that you, dear readers, will enjoy both!
     For those of you that are already familiar with Adrian's work, this will be a thrill, just as it is for me!  For those of you in search of a new series to read, look no further, this is THE one!  I am in LOVE with Dante Baptiste  and you will be too!  You will believe in Dante and Heather, in their fight to keep their love and their sanity from those whom would take away their love and their freedom (Shadow Branch and the Fallen) you will join them in their pursuit of the truth, for the truth shall set you free...
     Reading Adrian Phoenix is a thrill ride unlike any you have every taken before, or will ever take in the future!  You will be breathless and hang on to your seat until the last word is read!  Visit her web site at: : and at  Tune in for the date of the interview that will be announced later this month!