Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excitement for May!!!

Hi everyone!
     Happy May!  I have some exciting news for May!  I am beside myself with anticipation, I will be having a VERY special guest blog/interview with Adrian Phoenix and GIVEAWAY!  I know!  I could just burst from the excitement!!!!  Adrian just happens to be one of this decades finest authors!  Adrian has two wonderful series, The Maker's Song Series and The Hoodoo Series, and I think that you, dear readers, will enjoy both!
     For those of you that are already familiar with Adrian's work, this will be a thrill, just as it is for me!  For those of you in search of a new series to read, look no further, this is THE one!  I am in LOVE with Dante Baptiste  and you will be too!  You will believe in Dante and Heather, in their fight to keep their love and their sanity from those whom would take away their love and their freedom (Shadow Branch and the Fallen) you will join them in their pursuit of the truth, for the truth shall set you free...
     Reading Adrian Phoenix is a thrill ride unlike any you have every taken before, or will ever take in the future!  You will be breathless and hang on to your seat until the last word is read!  Visit her web site at:
www.adrianphoenix.com : www.myspace.com/adriannikolasphoenix and at www.facebook.com/pages/Adrian-Phoenix/.  Tune in for the date of the interview that will be announced later this month!

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