Friday, August 12, 2011

Fiendish Friday's

Hey Everyone!
     I have had so much going on that I have missed the last two Fridays!  But, time to get back on track!  This weeks FF topic is Erotica in books.  To some, not a requirement, but others really like reading!  Some of  my favorite authors have very explicate and sometimes dark erotic scenes!  HAWT alpha male and lots of steaming hot sex!
      First up is Laurell K. Hamilton! Laurell is a very talented author who writes two series, Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry.  Anita Blake series is the first to hook me and reel me in!  The books don't start off erotic, but lead into it gradually.  Books 1-5 have hints for the things that are to come and get you totally vested in Anita and her way of life.  The next series is Meredith, which is the one I refer to as the Fae series.  Both of these series are poles apart, but share a strong female character that I really enjoy! (Bad bad ass chicks that bite)  If you have never tried Laurrell K. Hamilton, then I suggest that you drop everything and RUN to the nearest book store to pick one of these up!  Both series have multiple partners and it's not recommended for anyone under 18!

Laurell K. Hamilton's Web Site

     Now onto Emma Holly!  Reader beware!  Emma writes about multiple partners, even same sex partners, faint of heart need not apply!  Very Hawt!  She has this series called The Fitz Clare Chronicles that follows this family, each having their own book, and the Tales of the Demon World.  Both sets are VERY good!  I enjoy each for different reasons, but for those of you that are interested please visit Emma's web site and check her out!
Emma Holly's Web Site:
      Next up is Lora Leigh!  I found her when I read the anthology called *Hot Spell*, a very good book, I found her Breed series!  VERY sexually graphic in nature, forgive my pun, and the Alpha male rules!  These books are so good they make me want to grab my husband and jump his bones, and I mean that in a good way *wink*!  In recent years I have grown board with this series, as it has become too predictable for me, but never the less, it's still a very good series and I've been told that I grow board too easily!  For those of you that are interested, visit her web site!Lora 
Lora Leigh's Web Site:
    Now for a list of honorable mentions:  For more good reads in erotica check out Ellora's Cave @!   I would love to hear your thoughts and find out your favorite erotic      writer is! 
             Elizabeth Amber ****                                                                                   
             Sherri L. King  ***
             Shiloh Walker ****
             Jaci Burton ***
             Angela Knight ****
             Anya Bast ****
             Delilah Devlin  ****
             Mandy M. Roth  ****


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